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4 Step Sketch

What is it?#

The 4 step sketch is a process for ideating features for products or services. It is a takes participants on a guided journey that should result in a more detailed solution sketch,

Step 1 - notes#

Spend about 20 minutes refreshing your memory about what we already have. We want to make sure that we have context and highlight some key points that are important to us.

How to#

  1. Review the existing board, notes or other documentation that has been made.
  2. Write down the goal and look at the journey map, how might we notes and lightning demos.
  3. Note down things that look useful or you think are interesting.
  4. Look at other reference material on your computer or online.
  5. Spend 3 minutes at the end reviewing and highlighting your notes.

Step 2 - ideas#

Time to capture your ideas. This part is not shared with the team so you can really push yourself to explore lots of ideas, even ones that you think may be risky.

How to#

  1. Doodle, make diagrams, write headlines, draw stick figures doing things
  2. Do anything else that gives form to your thoughts.
  3. Make it messy, remember incomplete is fine.
  4. If you are thinking and putting things down on paper then you are doing it right.
  5. Spend 3 minutes at the end reviewing and highlighting your favourite ideas.

Step 3 - crazy 8s#

Now we are ready to get sketching. The idea is to make quick disposable sketches that are variations of an idea so that we can fully explore what it could be. If your idea contains words or headlines then you could look at your language or phrasing.

How to#

  1. Fold a sheet of A4 paper in half 3 times, then open it up.
  2. Look at your favourite ideas.
  3. Spend 60 seconds making a variation of that idea.
  4. Repeat until the sheet is full (its OK if it is not).
  5. Pick the next idea and repeat.
  6. Spend 3 minutes at the end reviewing and circling your favourite ideas.

Step 4 - solution sketch#

The final step is to make the concept or solution sketch that we will share with the team. This is your best idea, in detail, on paper. Show what users see as they interact with our product or service.

How to#

  1. Give it a catchy title, it will help us discuss it later.
  2. Make it self explanatory.
  3. Keep it anonymous.
  4. Remember ugly is good, we are sketching not making art.
  5. Words matter, think about headlines, links and buttons.
  6. You may want to add some notes to explain interactions.
  7. Add it to the art museum space when you are done.